Ten #100kClub numbers that I should’ve minted

After the 999 Club & 10k Club both minted out in late April of this year, it quickly became obvious that the 100k Club would follow suit. While I was fortunate to have minted 40 numbers of the 100k Club, there’s lots of numbers I wish I had minted. Here’s 10 of them.

The return of CM Punk

I’m a huge wrestling fan (it’s still real to me!) and CM Punk’s return for AEW last year was the best wrestling return of all time. As soon as the opening notes of “Cult of Personality” began to play, the arena exploded. This was the return everyone had been waiting for and was 7 years in the making!

My wife and I got married on January 20, 2019 (Mazel Tov!). Naturally, I forgot to mint this date.

It’s all good though, since I consider our anniversary date to be the one on the Hebrew calendar, known as “Tu B’Shvat” (which I did mint!).

Wait… I forgot my wife’s birthday too?! Haha of course not 😅 — it’s just that I don’t really give too much weight to birthdays (I mean, I didn’t register my birthday either). Nonetheless, I wish I had picked this up.

As someone who’s been to 120+ Phish shows, how could I forget February 24, 2003 — aka my first Phish show? Simple — because of all the Phish shows I’ve ever been to, this one is easily my least favorite, and it’s all thanks to BB King. BB sat in with them for the majority of the first set, it was way too long, and it completely ruined the rest of the show.

Thanks, BB

This is such an iconic & historic date, that ESPN has a 30 for 30 for it called “June 17, 1994.”

Back to Phish!

Phish broke up in 2004 and reunited in 2009, but it was only until late 2009 that I got back into them. On June 13, 2010 I attended my first Phish show in 6 years. This date also starts with my favorite number (613) so I have no idea why I didn’t mint it.

Anyhow, here’s the “Gotta Jibboo” that they opened the show with.

March 11, 2020 was the day that the WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic and the world essentially shut down. I vividly remember everything from this day, especially Vince Carter’s last second shot knowing that the NBA season was about to be suspended.

This is also my favorite TopShot moment

Two of the most meme-y NFT numbers, and the only non-date entry on this list. How was this still available to be minted on April 27??

I’m a Mets & Jets fan so who knows when I’ll next see a championship 😭. But I do remember watching Game 7 as a 7 year old when the Rangers won the Cup in ‘94! In fact I used to live in the same building as Brian Leetch and even remember telling him during that year’s playoffs: “great job vs. the Nordiques.” Dang- I should’ve minted this one.

I can’t really fully express how much I love Israel. I think about Israel every day, and if Mrs. 8zal was game — we’d already be living there (we’ll IH get there in the future).

How the heck did I miss minting this one?? I mean, said date is literally on a magnet I have on my fridge!

My biggest 100k whiff by far, but hopefully I’ll pick it up one day! #LshanaHabaBYerushalayim



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