My 13 Favorite Noadz (part I)

These Noadz came close but didn’t made the list- instead they receive an “Honorable Mention”

In the NFT world, a project can easily get caught up in everything *but* the actual artwork itself — which is why it was incredibly refreshing when I heard about Noadz, a project that’s ONLY about the artwork. Noadz is a combination of two well known Gremplin projects: Nouns and CrypToadz. While looking through all the Noadz, what truly impressed me was the originality and unbelievable attention to detail that’s put into every single Noad. Each Noad is truly a 1/1.

That being said, I wanted to put together a brief list of my 13 favorite Noadz (thus far).

13) Toaster (#60)


The surprise of the bread popping out of the toaster is a nice touch, as is the static line on top indicating that there’s two pieces of bread being toasted.

13) Trash Can (#70)


I love how all it takes is using 3 pixels to simulate flies flying in and out of a trash can.

11) Skateboard (#107)


Super cool how this skateboard does a kickflip, and how the entire skateboard rotates and shows the front of the deck.

10) Toothbrush (#85)


Besides sporting sleek sunglasses, this toothbrush realistically moves from side to side in the regular brushing manner. Bonus points for the toothpaste itself wiggling.

9) Helicopter (#120)


Great job having the helicopter land on the helipad, as well as the static outline of the airborne helicopter right before it lands.

8) Slinky (#180)


Expertly emulating the movement of an actual slinky, plus the slinky’s vibrant colors is what gets this Noad on the list.

7) Chocolate (#106)


That realistic grimace this chocolate bar makes when a bite is taken out of it… Ouch! 😬

6) Goldfish (#179)


Talk about an incredible Noad. Not only is there a pixelated goldfish swimming inside of a fishbowl, but the goldfish even jumps out of it and makes a splash!

5) Refrigerator (#141)


What I love most about this Noad is having the handle of the fridge also serve as the mouth of the Noad. Upon being opened, the fridge handle initially “frowns” before revealing the contents of the fridge. These kinds of details are what makes Noadz so special.

4) Lamp Shade (#102)

The pulling of the lampshade cord and having the screen slowly dim to black is *chef’s kiss*.

3) Camera (#145)


This Noad is spectacular. There’s so many things to take note of in this Noad:

  • the shutter of the camera being pushed to take the picture
  • the flash going off
  • the entire screen turning white for a second to emulate an actual flash
  • the corners still being visible until the last moment to make the flash look even more realistic
  • the camera’s “eyes” squinting at the sight of the flash.

Truly an amazing Noad and I’m sure this is many people’s #1.

2) Maze (#119)


Not to be confused with this “Maze.” This Noad is awesome to begin with, but throw in the fact that the Maze is actually completed? Definitely one of the most original Noadz out there.

1) Sailboat (#156)


This Noad is pretty much perfect. First we see a sailboat head on a Noadz’s body. As the water begins to rise, the ease in which this Noad sheds its body and morphs into a functional sailboat that sails along the water is truly something to behold. It’s as if the entire time this was only a sailboat and nothing else. It’s all so smooth and seamless.



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