Mouse-l Tov! A look back at the creation of Anonymice Babies

3 min readAug 26, 2022


With Anonymice’s 1 year anniversary quickly approaching, it’s a good time to take a look back at a momentous event in Anonymice’s history: the birth of Anonymice Babies.

Following Anonymice’s successful launch, there was a desire to expand the collection and the the idea of Anonymice Babies was conceived (pun very much intended). Given that the true collection size of Anonymice was 3,550, it was decided that the total amount of babies to be bred would also be 3,550.

1) Purely On-Chain

Much like the Genesis Anonymice release, Anonymice Babies were created entirely via smart contract — no APIs, nothing on IPFS, no external dependencies at all. As Mouse Dev proudly (but humbly!) put it “the code is art” and the goal was to showcase on-chain breeding. In fact, check out the contract — it’s truly a work of art!

2) How babies were made

In order to breed a baby, two Anonymice were required. Once the two Mice were paired together, there was a breeding cost of 50 $CHEETH. Once the $CHEETH was paid an incubator with the baby was created (Mazel Tov!).

Additionally, when the parents initiated the breeding process they were time-locked until 50,000 Ethereum blocks were generated (approximately 7 days later) although one could pay $CHEETH to speed up the process. When the requisite amount of time passed the baby was ready to born — however a transaction was still required to reveal the baby.

All 3,500 Anonymice Babies have been created, although some still remain in their incubators, unrevealed. In fact, there are 376 incubators yet to be revealed!

3) The traits of the babies

While the babies’ traits were all randomized, each baby was slightly more likely to have one of the parents’ genetic traits (ex: mouth/nose) vs non-genetic traits. There was a slight “OG Advantage.” Namely, if an OG Anonymice (#0–1999) was used in the breeding process there was a slightly higher chance of generating a rare baby.

In addition to new traits being introduced — Pilot’s Hat, Hoodie — several beloved traits — Bane, Glitch3d, Irradiated — were carried over from the main collection.

4) Legendary Babies

OpenSea link

In order to spice things up, 9 Legendary babies were added to the mix. Each incubator had the same chance of minting one of these coveted babies. The first 3 Legendaries each had a 1% chance of being generated (1 in 100), the second 3 each had a 0.5% chance (1 in 200), and the final 3 had a 0.3% chance (1 in 300).

We love the Babies

Anonymice Babies are an integral part of Anonymice. We hope you enjoyed this look back at the creation of Anonymice Babies!