How 7 strangers teamed up to successfully complete the Creature Playground challenge

3 min readSep 27, 2021


On September 24th, all 10,000 holders of a Creature World NFT were gifted a 3D NFT airdrop of one of 7 different “Creature Playground” images. The 7 images were: Clouds, Hill Huts, Grass, Fungus Hut, Thermal Portal, Rainbow, River (I got Clouds). Shortly after the airdrop, the Creature World twitter account added an interesting twist: there would be a group aspect to this airdrop. Namely, that it would behoove us to join forces and hold all 7 in one wallet for an even GRANDER prize.

This would be a social experiment to build trust and community with our fellow Creature holders.

Getting a team together

Being as not everyone could logistically buy all 7, the only real option was to team up and join forces. The Creature Discord immediately went wild with everyone setting up groups and trying to match with others who had the missing items.

I was recruited into a private Discord with 6 other people. After establishing that we had the necessary 7 pieces, the obvious question remained: with 7 total strangers — each holding a valuable NFT — who should be entrusted to hold all 7 items? While everyone could technically be assumed to be trustworthy, at the end of the day… you never know.

Solution: “doxxing

The group mulled over several options, none of which was to our liking. I then threw out the suggestion that one of us should “dox” ourselves (ie reveal personal information about oneself) and thus be considered trustworthy. By putting one’s real identity and reputation at stake, the remaining members could find/ contact/ hold said person accountable if something were to go wrong.

The group liked this plan. Since there were no immediate takers, I volunteered to dox myself.

Doxxing myself

First, I held up a picture with a predetermined phrase to verify that I was the person that I claimed to be.

Then I proceeded to provide the group with my:

  • name
  • phone number
  • email
  • LinkedIn account
  • Instagram account

After sharing this info, the others felt comfortable with me holding all 7 Playground pieces in my wallet.

Centralizing our NFTs

Subsequently, everyone sent their NFT to my wallet and sure enough we had all 7 pieces to complete the Creature Playground!


I loved this exercise because it created trust between total strangers, and as a reward for this trust — we’ll (likely) be rewarded with an even cooler treat.

Excited to see what’s next in store!