10 creative ways people made the WGMI Interfaces pre-sale list

Pre-sale list

Cool… but how to get noticed?

  • be authentic — craft your own unique voice
  • be transparent — show your thought process/ don’t hold anything back
  • show your work — share what you’ve been working on!

1) WGMI? More like yum-my!

latte, pizza, beer, sandwich

2) WGMI’ing famous pop culture references

ET, Pokemon, Pixar,

3) Homage to blue chip projects

Vinnie Hager, Superlative SS, Cool Cats, Meebits

4) Memes

“this is fine”, the Drake meme, Spice Girls


plushies, jewelry, pillow, night light

6) Real life WGMIs reimagining everyday items

basketball, pinata, post it notes, wood painting

7) #tbt

1930s, Clippy, Game Boy, walkman
Excel, txt file, Ascii, minesweeper

8) Music, videos, and music videos

YouTube link

9) Proactively helping others in the community


10) Above all else, be a “mentsch”



Being a “class act”

“Class act” indeed



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