10 creative ways people made the WGMI Interfaces pre-sale list

5 min readFeb 3, 2022


A glance at WGMI Interfaces’ artwork is all it takes to realize it’s unique. However what makes Interfaces a truly remarkable project is that their approach to building a community is just as unique.

Pre-sale list

The best way to get on the Interfaces pre-sale list is… there is no “best way!” This is entirely by design. Interfaces forgoes the usual pre-sale list grinding tactics, instead opting to foster all types of creativity that cater to people’s best strengths.

Cool… but how to get noticed?

Glad you asked! As Interfaces pre-sale list member @ralchevd shared in this excellent Medium post, the 3 best ways in getting noticed is to:

  • be authentic — craft your own unique voice
  • be transparent — show your thought process/ don’t hold anything back
  • show your work — share what you’ve been working on!

[Note: hopefully Interfaces will notice these traits in my post! 😅]

It was fascinating to see all the creative and different ways people made the Interfaces pre-sale list — here’s a list of my 10 favorites:

1) WGMI? More like yum-my!

latte, pizza, beer, sandwich

When it comes to food, people’s creativity knows no bounds: lots of people WGMI’ed their food. In addition to the above images, people also created: cupcakes, pancakes, and sourdough bread.

2) WGMI’ing famous pop culture references

ET, Pokemon, Pixar,

Another popular approach was to “WGMI’fy” iconic pop culture references. ET, Pokemon, Pixar, and The Simpsons all received the WGMI treatment.

Someone even created this amazing Interfaces Pac Man game!

3) Homage to blue chip projects

Vinnie Hager, Superlative SS, Cool Cats, Meebits

I absolutely love when derivatives for new projects are created that incorporate art from pre-existing blue chip projects. Why? Because not only does it show that the art from these blue chips is easily recognizable, it also reveals that the new project’s art also contains distinctive traits.

Speaking of blue chip projects, can you spot Interfaces in this “Class of 2021” image?

4) Memes

“this is fine”, the Drake meme, Spice Girls

Memes are often referred to as “the central currency of Web3” and it’s no secret as to why — EVERYONE loves to laugh! Interfaces fully endorses memes — they even ran a “WGMI 🤝 InvisibleFriends meme crossover” contest!

Some other hilarious memes were: an Invisible Friends “this is fine” meme, an original take on the Drake meme, and even a Rickroll! My favorite meme is this amazing Spice Girls clip which literally had me in stitches 😆.


plushies, jewelry, pillow, night light

The number of people who created physical products was astounding. I mean, with plushies, jewelry, pillows, night lights etc — the only question I have is: wen Interfaces Etsy store?

6) Real life WGMIs reimagining everyday items

basketball, pinata, post it notes, wood painting

One creative approach people took was to repurpose real-life, everyday objects and “WGMI’fy” them.

My favorite: a father-son duo who mowed the Interfaces insignia onto their lawn.


7) #tbt

1930s, Clippy, Game Boy, walkman

Another original approach taken was to reimagine and “WGMI’fy” older technology. I thought this was not only humorous, but also fitting as it signifies the bridging of older technology with the new.

Excel, txt file, Ascii, minesweeper

8) Music, videos, and music videos

YouTube videos such as this and the one below were both informative and entertaining in helping to understand the project better.

YouTube link

People also wrote Interfaces songs and made music videos — especially this one which has (no joke) been stuck in my head for several days.

9) Proactively helping others in the community

The foundation of Interfaces is kindness — it’s definitely not a coincidence that the team also has an NFT project called “Good Deeds.” Interfaces ascribes tremendous value to those who help others.

For example: a number of fraudulent Interfaces collections were created in order to trick people. This led @0xBenedictus to compile a thread of 6 fake OS listings in order to help others avoid falling for scam collections.


Additionally, people were added to the pre-sale list for assisting others on Twitter as well as helping the Interfaces team.

10) Above all else, be a “mentsch”

The most important aspect for any project to succeed is their community. Interfaces greatly values this and wants its community to be built on creativity, selflessness, and being kind without expecting anything in return.

The following 2 instances fully illustrate these values.


As the below tweet states:


As a reward for Mark’s selflessness, Interfaces rewarded him with a spot on the pre-sale list.

Being a “class act”

Due to a recently discovered OpenSea exploit, people have been able to buy blue chip NFTs for way under market value.

This didn’t sit well with @sum1eth who decided to be proactive and purchase one of these discounted blue-chips just so he could return it later at cost.

Interfaces was SO impressed with @sum1eth that they added him their pre-sale list — completely unprompted and without him even asking!

“Class act” indeed

As their name suggests, the most important thing is to be good to one another: We’re ALL Gonna Make It.